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The Võ Vietnam Son Long Quyên Thuât school

General remarks :
  • The I.F.V.V. is managed by international status
  • Each member must be enrolled in a club affiliated to the I.F.V.V
  • They must respect the school’s internal rules [cf. internal rules]
  • The instructors must be in possession of a valid international diploma
  • These diplomas must be renewed every year during a technical test, the Master or the Technical Commission can exceptionally discern a permanent diploma, mainly for instructors who have been practicing form many years. There can also be arrangements for foreign countries which are far away from the Master and the Technical Commission’s headquarters
  • The founding of a new class of a new section must first be accepted by the Technical Commission of that country. They may refuse if the conditions do not seem favourable

Organisation of the Son Long Quyên Thuat School:

Students :

Level So Dang (elementary) 1-2-3

They are split into five groups
  • beginners
  • first group
  • second group
  • third group
  • fourth group

The attainment of a higher grade is decided by the professors of each section, or during the technical assesment.
Each level corresponds to a particular program [see technical chapter]. One can usually count a year per level
The students wear a blue costume and are considered to be external to the school.
The beginning of this apprentaship allows the professor to evaluate the moral and technical qualities of the student who needs to become familiar with these techniques by building his/her foundations.
Positions, strikes, defense and basic Taos; the student develops his/her mental and body by patience and perseverance. After several years of regular practice, the Vo Sin will have acquired the elementary program, which comprises of four Taos, three series, elementary kicks and the application of these movements.
At this point the Vo Sin may decide to remain external and continue to study the same program, or present themselves to the apprentice-teacher exam.


Trung Dang level C-B-A
In order to be a candidate for the first apprentice-professor diploma it is required:
  • To have a confirmed So Dang 3 level
  • To have the desire to invest oneself personnaly in the school as a professor and for the many daily and necessary tasks of the club
In order to obtain this higher grade, all applicants must present themselves before the International Technical Commission and the Master.

This is an important moment for the Vo Sin because it represents his/her entry into the school where they will wear the brown costume.

A good spirit, humility, courage, perseverance and the loyalty that they will show are as important as their technical skills, because as the grade gets higher, the spirit must rise as well.

If they pass the exam, the student-professor will receive their first diploma and will sign a written promise for the Son Long Quyen Thuat School. Traditionnally, they will organise a small celebration with their professors as they join the school. They will have access to the professors program as well as a more thorough study of combat.

The professors

Level Trung Dang
1 c-b-a
2 c-b-a
3 c-b-a

After several years the student-professor becomes an appointed professor if they work thoroughly. They must then know the professor program which contains six Taos, four series and basic weapons: spears, long stick, short stick, sword, sabre, all kicks and punches with their different applications, acrobatics, health program, Vo Tu Ve (self defense) and combat.

They will give classes, participate in the organisation and development of the club, as well as demonstrations and training courses.

The National Technical Commissison (NTC)

If a professor who has completed all the previously mentioned stages and has been training for about ten years wishes to commit themselves even more to the school, they may ask to become member of their country’s National Technical Commission.

The NTC contains all professors responsible of the organisation of the clubs on a national level. They are in charge of the different clubs and of the various administrative functions. They must ensure the perpetuity of the school’s education and development as it was meant by the Master Moc.

By this stage, Vo and everyday life are the same… The members of the NTC practice every day, are at every training course and technical control and participate in all the activities of the association.
Their technical program contains all the Taos, advanced series, weapons. They also study alone in order to better understand their art.

The members of the NTC are chosen by the International Technical Commission.

The International Technical Commission (ITC)
Level Thuong Dang (superior level)

The oldest members of the National Technical Commissions form the International Technical Commission. It is split into two groups: the youngest members form the active technical commission who are in charge of the technical aspects, demonstrations and practical courses. The older members form the technical commission council and are in charge of administration and international relations.

The members of the ITC have a permanent superior diploma and their technical program is unlimited. They will travel to Vietnam to study the culture and to work with various masters and schools. All decisions are made as a group and they are the main organism of the International Võ-Vietnam Federation.

They are in charge of all technical and ethical responsabilities after the Master Moc and study the history of Võ.

The first ITC was created by the Master in 2001 during the summer course in Bordeaux. He felt that he was becoming old and wished to create this committee as his successor.

This is the hierarchical organisation of the Son Long Quyen Thuat School. It is impossible to define the amount of years necessary for each grade as there are many criterea. The Master Moc is the sole creator of the school, founder of the technique, organisation, name, logo, and costumes which come from many years of thought.
Despite his age, he continues to teach us, repeating the same rules, and joining in at all the courses. He always speaks to the students, teaches and guides us in our apprenticeship.

All students may leave the school when they wish. They can open their own school if they consider that they have learnt all they can. He must then find his own name, program and identity. He may refer to the Master, but he cannot use a name and a technique that he did not create for this would not be worthy of a Vo Sin.

The name Võ Vietnam, Son Long Quyen Thuat as well as the logo of the dragon and the three mountains are internationally protected.

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